Tough Times Tearing You Apart?
Centerstone Heals.

Centerstone offers inpatient care to meet your needs:
  • Treatment is available for dependence issues, depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses.
  • Assistance in coordinating each aspect of your drug treatment may help ease your concerns.
  • Our staff will work with your insurance to help determine best payment options.
  • Most insurance plans, including Medicare and Tricare, are accepted.
  • Travel can be arranged. Transportation from Tampa Bay area airports and hospitals is offered.
While we may think it will never happen to us, the reality is one out of every five adults experience mental illness or dependence issues. Just ask Marianne Cripps. The anguish she felt from certain aspects of her life consumed Marianne. She thought her depression was a private problem, something she hid from even her closest friends. Feeling helpless, hopeless and alone, Marianne soon began down a slippery slope. Soon, her depression deepened. Convinced the world would be better off without her, she decided to take her own life. Sound familiar? Marianne could be your sister, aunt, neighbor or coworker, managing only to keep their head above water, grasping for what little control they have left – before it’s too late. All too often we hear of another loved one falling victim to dependence. But, there’s a way to stop it. “Centerstone came into my life when there was nothing left. I had been stripped of everything, but with Centerstone, my options were clear.” Marianne spent several days a week at Centerstone, participating in group therapy sessions, drug treatment, anger management counseling and other education classes. “Centerstone taught me the most about myself.” Today, Marianne’s darkest days are behind her, and for the first time, Marianne feels like she is truly living. For Marianne, Centerstone offered the opportunity to live her life free from regret. Let us be the opportunity for you. Centerstone Heals. Share Marianne’s story – you have the opportunity to help a loved one, an acquaintance or even a total stranger by getting them the help they need.
  • Centerstone offers a comfortable and supportive environment to meet your individual needs.
  • We focus on the challenges and triggers that can feed into mental illness.
    Begin your road to recovery at Centerstone Addiction Center, where we offer you a comfortable and supportive environment to meet your individual needs.

About Centerstone

Centerstone is a not-for-profit health care organization dedicated to delivering care that changes people’s lives. We provide mental health treatment, education and support to communities in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee and additionally offer individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities life skills development, employment and housing services. Nationally, we have specialized programs for service members, veterans and their loved ones, and develop employee assistance programs for businesses of all sizes. Our research institute improves behavioral healthcare through research and technology, and our foundation secures philanthropic resources to support our work. For more information, visit